SysTools Gmail Backup

Backup Gmail accounts locally, storing contacts, calendars, emails, and even documents with this simple and efficient software solution.

  • SysTools Gmail Backup
  • Version:4.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:SysTools Software

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SysTools Gmail Backup Description

Emails are amongst the the top types of formal communication. Every individual, or company has at least one, and there are a lot of services that can be used in this regard. One of them is Google, and with applications like SysTools Gmail Backup, you can save emails on your computer in case something happens to your account.

Neat visuals and quick accommodation

By default, the application covers most of your screen upon launch, but in can be reduced to a more convenient size. The first prompt is for your Google credentials, so the application knows where to go and what to grab.

The overall visual design is pretty good, with the modern flat style being used all the way through. This makes it easy to work with, and even beginners can quickly adapt. If not, there’s always the online documentation you can count on.

Download your whole Google account

Although there are several tabs to be found in the upper toolbar, you most likely use one of them. Clicking on Backup is all you need to download Google account data. Categories include emails, calendars, contacts, and even documents, which are downloaded under the DOC, XLS formats, thus compatible with most text editors.

You can choose from several offline email formats to open up without the need to write down credentials anymore. As such, choices let you get EML, MBOX, MSG, and PST email files. A download destination needs to be specified for each download session, with the application not remembering location, and not even providing a default one.

Not quite the functionality you’d expect

There’s a high chance you notice that the Filters tab next to Options is grayed out. It’s not a bug or glitch, but you need to enable filters first, and this is done through a dedicated button in the Options tab.

Filters let you select the type of content to grab in a more organized manner. In other words, nearly all folders, including spam, starred, and drafts, are displayed in a list for you to select. Another type of filter you can apply refers to time, with options to set start and end date for items to be grabbed.

Sooner or later you end up pressing the Start button. Be prepared to wait some time, because the application might get you thinking it’s stuck, and suddenly starts the process after a fair amount of time, depending on the information volume.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that SysTools Gmail Backup is a suitable application you might want to use from time to time to secure your Google account data. Sadly, the fresh interface doesn’t fully make up for the frustrating wait time, and lack of a built-in scheduler.

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