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Quickly schedule an unlimited number of applications, tasks and operations using this user-friendly and straightforward piece of softwar.

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System Scheduler Description

System Scheduler is a utility which helps users automate particular actions, as well as schedule tasks to run when you are not using the computer.

The tool sports a plain-looking interface, which enables both beginners and power users to work with it, without encountering difficulties. In addition to that, it contains a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and a panel in which to display events, along with information such as event type, title, last and next run.

There are three types of events one can choose from. To be more exact, you can run an application, pop up a reminder or watch a window.

All of these require you to add a title and a schedule on which to run. For example, you can force the task to repeat every minute, hour, day, week, month, year or user-input number of days or minutes. It is also possible to schedule an action to take place only once, at a custom date and time.

The window watcher enables you to terminate, minimize or close a program, when a specified caption appears on the screen.

The tool lets you export a list of the events you have created to a CSV file, as well as backup and restore all your data.

From the settings panel you can enable the snooze button for reminders and multi-threading, choose which sound to play (WAV), log all events to a custom location on the hard drive and do not start the tool automatically at Windows startup.

In conclusion, System Scheduler is a handy application when it comes to scheduling events and automating certain tasks that you encounter often. It is suitable for any type of person, it has a good response time and it does not put a strain on your computer’s performance.

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