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View a detailed list of your workstation’s hardware and software specifications with this accessible tool that also offers realtime sensors monitoring.

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SysInfo Detector Description

In order to gain access to a complete overview of a computer’s specs, through the years a wide variety of system information apps have surfaced. SysInfo Detector is another example of such a program that promises a hefty set of features to those looking for an organized platform for accessing a workstation’s hardware and software specifications.

Easy to run and use application with an accessible graphical interface

Installing and running SysInfo Detector is pretty much a “walk in the park”, considering the software’s small size, lack of any software or hardware requirements and straightforward setup process – in other words, you’ll be able to access its interface within just a few seconds.

The UI has been designed to be very accessible and therefore you’ll immediately notice the app only provides two important windows: the main window and the settings window (which can be accessed from the Service menu). Furthermore, both windows use a similar design, a two-pane layout, which allows you to select an area of interest from the left pane and its elements will be display, of course, in the right pane.

View a summary of your computer’s specs with just a few clicks

SysInfo Detector covers all hardware and software key areas: using this app you’ll gain access to a list of installed hotfixes and programs, but also printers and USB / PCI / ASPI devices. Experienced users might also appreciate the list of services, running processes, shares, users and local / global groups. While testing the application, it never crashed, but we did notice some components were not detected properly – albeit similar apps also had problems with these components.

Along the long list of specs, SysInfo Detector also provides realtime readings of your computer’s sensors, which are available either by opening the main window or from the system tray. We’ve appreciated of course the ability to customize the sensors displayed in the system tray, by selecting from the Settings window which temperatures and fan speeds should be available.

A handy tool that provides basic hardware and software information

Unfortunately, the app only provides access to a system’s information through its graphic interface, as reports and command line access are only available in the Pro version. Other advanced features, like benchmarks or a list of drivers/autorun programs, which would add considerable value to the app, sadly aren’t available at all.

In conclusion, SysInfo Detector is a very useful tool if you’re looking for a very small and straightforward method of viewing important information regarding your computer’s components and operating system.

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