Compare, update or synchronize two Excel workbooks or worksheets by relying on this handy add-in that comes with multiple useful functions.

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Synkronizer Description

If your work implies processing, analyzing or comparing several spreadsheets, you might need a reliable utility that can help you simultaneously handle multiple files without great effort.

One of these tools is Synkronizer, an Excel add-in that can help you view, analyze, compare or synchronize multiple worksheets in a convenient manner, without too much difficulty.

Since it is a Microsoft Excel add-in, this tool requires Microsoft Office in order to run properly.

Neatly organized interface

Unlike other similar add-ins, this utility also features a standalone window that comes with a clean, smooth design and provides you with easy access to its sections, shortcut buttons and menus.

The main window encompasses three sections: the first one allows you to browse through your projects and freely select whichever suits your needs, the second one can help you set various sheet-related parameters, while the last one displays chosen items and their differences.

Despite its sleek layout, you might encounter difficulties while operating this add-in, if you do not meet certain PC and Excel knowledge requirements, in which case you might rely on the help guide.

Multiple useful functions

This utility allows you to simultaneously load two files in Microsoft Excel, compare and synchronize their content, if you want to.

Furthermore, it is possible for you to highlight the differences between the selected items and even set the add-in to detect duplicate entries and display them in a similar manner. The add-in allows you to customize outlining of missing rows or columns and of duplicate, identical or different rows.

You can make use of advanced filter settings, such as Ignore case, Numeric tolerance attributes and Equivalent values (which you can modify by defining custom parameters).

Handy report generator

After your files have been processed, you can generate reports regarding identified differences. You can choose from either standard or hyperlinked report; the latter includes hyperlinks for each detected item that points directly to it.

In conclusion, if you need an Excel add-in to help you compare and synchronize your spreadsheets, you can rely on Synkronizer.

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