syncMaker PRO

A simple and efficient tool that allows you to synchronize a list of videos and audio tracks on multiple computers for multimedia shows.

  • syncMaker PRO
  • Version :4.10
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :accSone

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syncMaker PRO Description

syncMaker PRO is a piece of software that is especially designed for those who want to create a multimedia show that requires video and audio streaming on a number of computers. With it you are able to sync each frame of a video and broadcast it to multiple computers.

Straightforward interface

Right off the bat, syncMaker PRO is an application that won’t confuse you when it comes to loading the media files, synchronizing and playing them. It displays a plain and user-friendly graphical user interface which makes it accessible to just about anyone who is at least familiar to this kind of software.

From the same main window you are able to load as many clips as you need, assign hotkeys and MIDI devices, navigate through the video, set the sync time and toggle the playback method.

Support for multiple connection types and media formats

To be able to successfully use syncMaker PRO, you need to install it on all the computers that will be participating in the project. On one PC you will set syncMaker PRO as the master controller, while the other installations will be receiving the sync information and will play slave roles.

Getting syncMaker PRO instances to communicate shouldn’t be a problem because the application can handle LAN, TCP/IP, Internet and COM connections, making it a viable solution for just about any scenario. Since the type of connection you use greatly influences output quality, it’s really good that syncMaker PRO supports playback for a wide range of popular formats such as WMV, MPEG-2, VOB, DV, AVI, WAV, MP3 and AC3.

The application is mainly focused on helping out with multimedia art shows or elaborate presentations in which you need perfect sync between the monitors or projectors. For this reason, syncMaker PRO enables you to control playlists using hotkeys and it even supports MIDI input which ultimately makes it a great choice for DJs that want to stream music through a large space with multiple rooms.

Effortlessly stream synchronized video and audio

To sum things up, syncMaker PRO is easy to install and configure, can handle a large number of streams and can be automated. All of this making it a practical tool.

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