Synchronize files between multiple locations, whether they are Windows folders, FTP servers or cloud storage, using this simple, yet helpful application.

  • Synchromat
  • Version: 17.2.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Botkind, Inc.

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Synchromat Description

Synchromat is a software utility that provides users with a simple means of synchronizing your folders, with support for running multiple jobs in the same time.

Surprise-setup and clean interface

You are required to go through surprise-free and quite simple installation process. Once you are done with it, you come face to face with a plain and pretty well-organized GUI, as it consists of a menu bar, a few buttons, some drop-down, a pane to view analysis results and another one to display logs.

Furthermore, comprehensive Help contents are provided, as well as some FAQs, thus ensuring that all user categories can learn how to handle it without facing any kind of difficulties.

Sync your cloud solution or FTP server

First and foremost, you should know that you can process a pretty large number of files and folders, be they on a USB thumb drive, your Sky Drive, DropBox, Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive account, or even an FTP or SFTP server.

Analyze and sync multiple directories in the same session

After choosing the directories, you can analyze their contents so as to view the differences between the two and start synchronizing them, with just a click of the button. Multiple jobs can be created and ran in the same time, while you can also stop them.

Tweak sync options

It is possible to customize the synchronization rules for each and every job. To be more accurate, you can choose to ignore one hour file modification time differences and enable copying of NTFS file security attributes and locked items, as well as propagate deletions and modifications to the destination directory. Automatic sync is available, while you can also create alerts for file deletions, substantial differences and questionable items.


To wrap it up, Synchromat is a useful and reliable piece of software for synchronizing your items, regardless of their whereabouts. The interface is user-friendly, all jobs are completed in a timely manner, multiple languages are incorporated and it does not hinder the computer’s performance.

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