A simple yet powerful tool that allows users to easily synchronize or backup the contents of two folders, including any subfolders.

  • SyncFolders
  • Version :3.4.369
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gert-Jan Weerheim

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SyncFolders Description

File corruption or drive failure are some of the most common causes for data loss, yet users can easily avoid losing important documents, photos, and other content by constantly backing up their data.

This could prove a time consuming task when it comes to large amounts of data, but the process can also be an efficient one if the proper tools are used, such as SyncFolders, a simple piece of software that allows users to keep folders synchronized.

Easily create synchronization rules

The application comes with a simple interface that allows even inexperienced users to set synchronization rules for their folders.

When creating a new rule, users need to select the source and target folders, as well as the specific action they want to be performed for them, being able to choose between Copy, Back up, and Synchronize.

With this tool, users can set filters for the synchronization operation and can also choose default actions to be performed when conflicts appear. Additionally, they can have deleted or overwritten files permanently erased from the drive, or moved to Recycle Bin or to a history folder.

Subfolders can be synced with this app, but users can also set the app to take into consideration only the files that exist in both source and target folders.

View statistics on synced files

SyncFolders provides info on the synchronized folders and files, displaying the amount of synced data and allowing users to view a list of files and folders that have been or are being processed.

The application automatically prompts for confirmation when deleting files or when starting the syncing process, but users can opt out of this from the Settings window. Multiple instances of the app can run at the same time, and users can set the app to load the last edited rules at start up and to create logs for all operations.

Automatize file backups and synchronization

All in all, SyncFolders is a simple yet powerful file back up and synchronization tool that allows users to create customized rules for folder syncing, so as to keep their data safe at all times.

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