Web-based file manager that supports remote file uploading and downloading tasks, creation of ZIP archives, and email notifications.

  • SynaMan
  • Version :3.7 Build 1463
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Synametrics

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SynaMan Description

SynaMan is a remote file manager whose purpose is to help you share large files on the Internet and access them from any network and device.

You can deploy the program on a host machine in your network and let other users on the Internet or LAN connect to the host via their browser in order to view, upload and download files.

Initial tweaks

The tool allows you to set up an admin password, provide the email address where you can receive notifications in case of security violations and important events (e.g. low memory or disk), and configure your firewall. At the end of the wizard, the utility generates a connection URL which can be used for sharing folders.

Web-based interface

The utility can be controlled via your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari) so users don’t need to install clients on their computer for gaining access to files. The layout looks clean and easy to work with.

Manage shared folders

You can create a new shared folder by providing details about its name and full path, and allowing permissions for reading and writing. SynaMan displays all folders in a tree-like display and shows information about each file, such as name, size, type, and date when it last modified.

What’s more, you are allowed to download or preview files, add notes, create ZIP archives, generate new folders, refresh the listed information, and rename or delete items. At-a-glance details can be viewed about the memory status (used, allocated and total memory), disk status (total, used and free space), and current activity (user, IP address, status and time).

Create users and tweak general options

SynaMan allows you to set up a new user by specifying the name, email address and password. Plus, you can make the application run any program/script if certain actions are performed on a particular file.

Bottom line

All in all, SynaMan delivers a straightforward way for helping you upload and download files, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike. However, you should know that the free edition of the program is limited to a single user and can be installed for personal use.

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