Simplify communications with your loved ones or partners by sending them an URL to join your conversation using this intuitive application.

  • Sylaps
  • Version:0.5.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Sylaps Team

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Sylaps Description

Given the number of IM tools out there, making sure you can have a standard conversion with a partner or customer can often imply wasting time with installing plugins, adding new contacts to your address book or entering long IDs.

Sylaps is a user-friendly application that enables you to share files and carry conversations with your loved ones or colleagues by simplify sharing the URL to you chat room link.

Sleek and appealing interface

After a rapid and smooth installation, you are requested to log in or sign up. You should know that you can either take a few seconds to create a new account for the service, but you can also log in using one of your social network accounts as well. The utility supports Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Github and Slack.

The app comes with a stylish window that can be split into more tabs and regions, depending on the features you are accessing. The main window consists of a panel dedicated entirely to chat and file sharing and another, where you can view other the contacts you are having a video conference with.

Straightforward functionality, yet it can be time-consuming

The program does not allow you to create an address book, but rather you can invite users to join your conversation by typing in their phone number or email address. The lack of an address book can be slightly frustrating if you are having multiple conversations with several new customers and can eat up a lot of your time.

On a side note, while the chats are encrypted, it is necessary to mention that the number of users you can invite to the conversation is limited by the Internet bandwidth. Therefore, if someone has a weak connection, there is a fair chance you cannot carry a video conference at all.

A hassle-free IM utility

If you are looking for a messenger tool that enables you to log in seamlessly to send quick messages and share files with you friends, then Sylaps might be an app to try out.

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