SX Password Dump Suite

An advanced set of command-line password recovery tools that retrieve passwords stored inside browsers, Outlook accounts, as well as Wi-Fi connections.

  • SX Password Dump Suite
  • Version :4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SecurityXploded Inc

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SX Password Dump Suite Description

SX Password Dump Suite consists of a collection of password recovery tools that reveals login credentials for Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, network, Wi-Fi, as well as passphrases stored inside browsers.

The scenarios that would require such an application are various; whether you’ve forgot the password to one of your accounts, or you just want a complete list of the credentials located on the computer, you can use it to achieve any of these task seamlessly.

SX Password Dump Suite includes six different utilities, which you can open separately from the folder it creates on your desktop as soon as the installation is completed.

Although it would have been more efficient to provide a central panel, from which you could access all of the components, this approach doesn’t bother either.

SX Password Dump Suite can recover passwords stored inside browsers or credentials for Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Wi-Fi and network connections. It manages to decrypt the logins via command line, which despite being a non-traditional way of recovering passwords, seems to work out just fine.

Launching any of the utilities will open a new window, which reports the identified accounts and passwords immediately, without delays of any sort.

Depending on the component you’re running, SX Password Dump Suite brings out additional details on the resources used by that particular account. For instance, the browser decryptor shows all the credentials detected inside all the browsers, along with the corresponding website URL, while the Outlook component also reports on the account type and email server.

Our tests concluded a rate of success of 100% for the recovery process, although we would have been glad to see an option to export the decrypted passwords.

On an ending note, SX Password Dump Suite carries out password recovery tasks for a myriad of accounts, each time with a very favorable outcome.

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