Sword Art Online (Media Center)

A comprehensive application that enables you to create and manage a library of media files, in which to include your favorite movies and TV shows.

  • Sword Art Online (Media Center)
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hero Yuy

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Sword Art Online (Media Center) Description

Sword Art Online (Media Center) is a reliable tool that enables you to create a media collection of movies and television shows, sort, organize and watch them. The application acts as a media center, in which you can store information and shortcuts to your favorite movies and series episodes.

Anime environment

Sword Art Online (Media Center) is based on a SAO environment, that you can customize, by changing the wallpapers or the assisting character. The anime character at the bottom of the screen represents a shortcut to the Help menu, thus offering you a quick way to the software’s knowledge bank.

The software allows you to create a multitude of collections of movies and television series, in which you may include video files collected from local folders. They are all displayed in the dedicated category and can be rendered simply by clicking on them. The integrated media player allows you to watch movies or episodes at any time. Moreover, you can add posters or other type of information, by loading them from local folders or download them from the Internet.

User-friendly software

Thanks to its game-like, interactive interface, Sword Art Online (Media Center) offers you a special experience while browsing and watching movies. Moreover, the software can display system information such as the RAM capacity and the free space available on each disk. Additionally the global locator can identify your position on the world map, down to the number of the street. The maps are displayed in cartographic representation.

You may easily customize the layout of the software, by switching the wallpapers or the character’s attire and name. You may use their default names or assign the desired titles.

Comprehensive movie collection

Not only does Sword Art Online (Media Center) offer you a friendly interface, but it also allows you to browse for your favorite clips and watch them. You may control the progress of the playback and the volume, as well as skip to the next video in the list. Moreover, if you close a video before the end of the playback, the software can remember the moment when you stopped it and render it from there the next time you play the same clip.

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