Switch Tabs for Chrome

Easily preview and switch between tabs with the help of this lightweight Chrome browser extension that you can control using hotkeys.

  • Switch Tabs for Chrome
  • Version :0.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gabriel Szanto

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Switch Tabs for Chrome Description

Juggling multiple tabs is not always a pleasure since your workspace tends to become messy, and you lose the perspective of your activity.

That is why a software solution such as Switch Tabs for Chrome could come in quite handy since it helps you be more efficient by providing you with an overview of the web pages you are currently visiting.

Chrome extension that lets you jump from one tab to another

As made obvious by its very name, the application is a Chrome extension that requires no tech skills in order to handle it successfully since it comes as a simplistic tool with one purpose only.

To be more specific, what it can do is offer more control over your currently open tabs by giving you a glimpse of their content so that you do not lose precious time looking for a specific website you have accessed.

The way the browser addon works is intuitive and only requires that you resort to a series of predefined hotkeys in order to try out its capabilities.

Lets you preview all the currently accessed websites

Pressing Alt+X prompts you with a preview of all the tabs you are handling and moves the focus on the left whereas the Alt+C combination lets you access the tabs on the right. You can do the same thing by hitting Alt and the arrow keys or simply your mouse.

Note that the popup you are displayed is only active as long as you press any of the said keys, so it won’t interfere with your workflow in any way. As for what the preview contains, it must be mentioned that it shows a thumbnail of the site you have opened as well as its title and description.

As said, the app is minimalist and should raise no difficulties to users, but you must know that it comes with no configuration options, which means you are not able to customize the aforementioned hotkeys.

Approachable browser addon giving an overview of open tabs

On an ending note, Switch Tabs for Chrome is a user-friendly browser extension that lets you easily jump from one tab to another, with a preview of all the websites you have opened being shown for ease of navigation.

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