Swiss File Knife

Automate the common tasks you have to perform on your computer, such as search or convert photos for example with this multi function command line tool.

  • Swiss File Knife
  • Version : 1.8.7
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Vincent Stahl

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Swiss File Knife Description

While some users firmly believe that the era of desktop PCs at its dawn and touch is the future, the truth is that a little command line knowledge goes a long way and can save you a lot of time, when it comes to getting things done fast and efficiently.

Swiss File Knife is a utility designed to help you automate accomplish routine tasks on your computer, like editing documents or run an HTTP server for instance, considerably quicker using command lines.

It does not require setup and you can use it immediately

After you download it and you open it right away by simply typing in its short name – sfk – followed by the task you would like to perform. It is necessary to mention that the app can run even from a USB stick, so you can take it with you anywhere to save time and complete tasks faster.

The obvious downside of the utility is that it does not include any sort of interface, a setback that makes it inaccessible for users who are not familiar with command line and scripting in general.

Enables you to perform a wide variety of tasks

The trump card of the application stems from the scripting support it is capable of. Not only can you perform advanced tasks, such as creating HD5 hashes or find data in binary files, but you can also run commands on every file in a folder in a loop.

Among the other commands the utility can help you do faster you can count cutting videos and binary files, finding duplicate files, synchronizing a folder tree, send UDP requests, remove blank spaces in file names, rename entire directories of files, so on and so forth.

An excellent command line tool

From allowing you to view directory tree contents and delete folders to converting hex data to binary and managing HTTP servers, Swiss File Knife can help you automate all of the tasks you need to perform on your computer considerably faster and much more efficiently.

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