Swift E Logbook

Record your flights and other related data with this application that allows you to view statistics on distances traveled and airports visited.

  • Swift E Logbook
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Flyhoward Ltd

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Swift E Logbook Description

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and the development of flight technology has been a very important factor in decreasing the time spent traveling. Evermore sophisticated and useful digital tools have accompanied this revolution, covering anything from advanced aerodynamics simulations to simple passenger trackers.

Record in-flight time

Flight log keepers have been widely employed to manage personnel, as well as to allow pilots to keep comprehensive records of their activity. Swift E Logbook is a flight recorder that can generate detailed statistics based on input data. It tracks everything airborne-related, including distances covered, airports visited and plane characteristics.

The application is highly customizable, allowing users to adjust most parameters, including the type of aircraft employed, or the captain’s name; plane pictures can also be loaded. As with any log keeper, users have to insert the flight information; one of the great features of this program is the ability to import source data from CSV, XML and XLS documents.

Generate simple statistics based on source data

Swift E Logbook keeps a comprehensive log of most flight activities and even features a built-in list of airports. This includes satellite pictures and, if users are unable to find their point of landing or departure, one can always insert new airports, complete with ICAO, FAA, and IATA codes.

Another notable function of this tool is the ability to generate statistics with highly informative and intuitive graphics. Multiple parameters can be used as source data for the bar charts and one can even generate monthly activity graphs.

The program allows captains to keep track of flight departures and landings and to view flight statistics

All things considered, Swift E Logbook is a good flight log keeper that will allow pilots and affiliated personnel to monitor their time airborne.

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