A simplistic network monitoring application that can be used to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic in real time, ping a host or execute traceroute commands.

  • swemp-it.de-Meter
  • Version :1.5.5176
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Martin Preussner

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swemp-it.de-Meter Description

swemp-it.de-Meter is designed to enable network administrators keep an eye on the network traffic in order to identify possible problems before they blow out of proportions, which might result in network jams.

Displays traffic usage in real-time

The application is similar to a sidebar gadget, displaying a graphical representation of the incoming and the outgoing traffic in real-time, within a small, resizable window. You can configure its behavior and customize its appearance from the right-click context menu.

You can easily select the adapter interface you want to include in the statistics and disable the ones you want to exclude from the graph. By default, current download and upload speeds are displayed, but you can also instruct the application to show average values instead of the current ones. Also, the program provides options to exclude either the incoming or the outgoing traffic from the graph.

There are various other settings that you can modify, such as the measurement unit or update time interval, which can be set to one second or less. The application enables you to set the graph scale, but note that if the maximum peak is too high, the scale is automatically adjusted to optimize the view. In order to set the scale, you can either choose one of the predefined values or enter a custom one.

Ping and traceroute commands

The application features a set of additional utilities that can be of assistance to any network administrator. It offers an alternative to the ‘ping’ command in Windows and also comprises a tool for performing host traceroute.

Conclusive statistics and thresholds

In addition to this, it generates daily and overall statistical reports about the download and the uploaded data, while allowing you to set maximum upload and download limits. The application can e instructed to notify you via e-mail when the thresholds are exceeded.

A reliable utility for network administrators

swemp-it.de-Meter monitors the network traffic in real time, enabling you to set thresholds and view the amount of downloaded and uploaded data in a compelling graph. It integrates ping and traceroute utilities, which makes it a valuable tool in the software collection of any user.

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