SVG To PNG Converter Software

Convert numerous SVG files to the PNG image format in one simple operation, with the help of this minimalistic software solution.

  • SVG To PNG Converter Software
  • Version :7.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sobolsoft

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SVG To PNG Converter Software Description

The SVG format is used extensively by graphic designers, but these vector files sometimes need to be rasterized, and in this instance a quick and simple converter can be very helpful.

SVG To PNG Converter Software is a lightweight software utility specially designed to perform batch conversions to the PNG image format. It is easy to use, but it lacks advanced features and offers an out-of-date UI.

Convert one or more vector files at once

This application is particularly helpful if you often have to process large numbers of SVG files, as importing and converting multiple items is very straightforward.

You can load every supported image from a certain folder with very little effort, and individual files can even be imported using drag and drop actions. Once the output directory has been set, you can launch the operation and let the program finish the job while you focus on other tasks.

Simplistic utility suitable for novices

While it is certainly intuitive, SVG To PNG Converter Software may not be the first choice for advanced users, as it does not allow you to customize any parameters when processing your files.

For instance, it is not possible to define the dimensions of the output images or specify whether or not metadata should be preserved.

Nevertheless, this should be a great utility for inexperienced users who only wish to convert vector files to a more usable format without complicating matters unnecessarily.

Would benefit from a modernized user interface

It may get the job done, but SVG To PNG Converter Software could be overlooked by many because of its outdated user interface. While looks may not be particularly important when dealing with a simple converter, a visual upgrade would be more than welcome.

To conclude, SVG To PNG Converter Software is a lightweight and straightforward application that enables you to batch convert SVG files to PNG. It is very simple to use, but it lacks some important features and does not impress with its out-of-date UI.

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