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Generate traffic for your website by visiting other people’s pages and have them visit your own, thus increasing the total number of visitors.

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Surfing Shark Description

When starting a new website, it can be quite difficult to attract visitors at first, even through promotion on social media and other such environments, which can make it difficult and discouraging for you to continue.

However, you are not the only one in this situation and you can benefit from that, while also helping others, by resorting to traffic exchange. One such option is to use Surfing Shark, which helps you get more visibility for your websites, while visiting others’.

Initial configuration and registration

Following a brief and unparticular installation, you will be required to login to your account. Alternately, you can register one right then and there, from the corresponding tab of the start screen.

Once you have connected to your account, you can start adding the websites you want to attract hits to, or you can browse other people’s websites to earn credits.

Improve the visitors’ number to your website through traffic

The concept of traffic exchange is in itself quite self-explanatory: you access other people’s sites and in return they access yours. This makes it a win-win situation, as it can bring significant amounts of visitors and thus increase your visibility to search engines, which can draw in even more people to your website.

All you need to do is specify the name, URL address of the website you wish to promote and optionally a referral URL (which will represent the origin of the traffic; leaving it blank will translate into anonymous browsing).

You can also define the number of seconds that people are required to spend on your website, before moving on to the next one. A basic set of statistics keeps you informed about the amount of hits and the status of your website, so you can determine if the effort it paying off.

A straightforward traffic exchange utility for improving your SEO stats

In closing, Surfing Shark can prove to be a helpful solution to getting more daily visits through traffic exchange, on your website, in order to increase your SEO exposure and consequently continue to draw in more visitors.

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