Create newsletters and send personalized e-mail messages to your customers, with or without attachments, using this intuitive application.

  • SuperMailer
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  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Mirko Boeer

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SuperMailer Description

SuperMailer is an efficient and reliable software application designed to help you easily send personalized e-mails to multiple clients at once.

Uneventful installation and intuitive interface

The setup process of SuperMailer runs quickly and without any undesired events, allowing you to access the functions of the application without much effort.

SuperMailer comes with a comprehensible and intuitive graphic user interface, with a nice and chilling chromatic theme.

In order to be an efficient application, SuperMailer’s layout is ergonomically organized, with menus and options disposed on the sides for quick access.

Organize your contacts in groups

When dealing with various types of customers or recipients and you need to send a specific type of e-mail to each group, you can take advantage of the ability to create multiple groups of recipients included in SuperMailer.

The application enables you to send e-mails to a specific group, removing the requirement of manually selecting the recipients from the address book, allowing you to keep your mailing lists separate.

An advanced and easy to use e-mail editor

When creating your customized e-mail messages, you benefit from a large array of text editing tools integrated in SuperMailer.

Not only you can edit your text by selecting your own font size and type, or formatting the page layout, but you can also insert images and links, change the background or add complex tables to your messages.

A collection of e-mail templates can be downloaded with SuperMailer, in order to be loaded and used in your projects.

After you are done editing your e-mail message, you can access the preview feature which allows you to view the final form of your message, the one that will be displayed to the recipients of your mailing lists.

Easily edit and send e-mail messages to multiple contacts

SuperMailer proves to be a comprehensible and easy to use solution for those who need to compose and send customized e-mails to their clients, in a creative, yet organized and professional fashion.

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