Launch and schedule your favorite programs, documents, folders and websites easily with the help of this intuitive piece of software.

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SuperLauncher Description

SuperLauncher is a productivity tool designed to increase your efficiency and improve workflow by providing a quicker and easier way to access your favorite programs, directories and files. It works as a simple launcher ready to help you run applications and files using specific key combinations.

A user-friendly shortcut manager and launcher

SuperLauncher is not difficult to use, but it integrates a tutorial and help files intended to assist users in getting familiarized with the launcher in the shortest time possible. The instructions describe how to add new shortcuts to SuperLauncher, assign them shortcut keys, launch programs and manage your shortcuts.

By default, SuperLauncher is configured to run in the system tray, but you can also set it to display a floating widget on the desktop. Left-clicking on the icon reveals the shortcut list, while a right click opens up a menu where you can open the shortcut manager and import new databases to the shortcut list.

Integrated task scheduler and shortcut organizer

There is a preconfigured set of programs and Windows features that you can access from the shortcut list, including the command prompt, Notepad, the Control Panel, Recycle Bin, as well as a few websites.

However, you can easily configure the list to accommodate your needs by simply dragging a shortcut for a program, a folder, a file or a website to the tray or desktop icon. SuperLauncher then prompts you to assign a hotkey to the newly added shortcut and optionally schedule it for execution.

The integrated shortcut manager enables you to organize your shortcuts, change their order, change the launch mode (normal, minimized or maximized), create groups and execution schedules.

Keep your desktop and taskbar uncluttered

A launcher can come in handy to anyone, especially when working with multiple applications on a daily basis. It provides one-click access to frequently used programs, files and folders from a simple menu, so that you won’t have to place shortcuts in the taskbar or on the desktop. Furthermore, its complementary functions enable you to organize shortcuts and schedule various tasks, such as computer shutdown or restart.

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