Automatically reduces the brightness of your screen and modifies its color to an orange hue to match indoor lighting, so as to protect your eyes.

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SunsetScreen Description

It’s a known fact that the computer screen glare and brightness need adjustments to match the indoor lighting, so as to protect our eyes. Furthermore, scientists have proven that over-bright monitors and their blue light inhibit the production of melatonin, a substance responsible for our good night sleep.

SunsetScreen is a tool designed to automatically modify the screen color, hue and the brightness level, so as to reduce the exposure to blue light in the evening, at sunset.

Sync the screen brightness and color with your sleep cycle

With intuitive options and a fairly simple GUI, SunsetScreen makes it possible for anyone to adjust the monitor color to match their personal sleep cycle. The user is the one to define the sunrise time and the delay until sunset, so the application can also fit the needs of those who work at night or get up really early in the morning.

You can choose the screen color to use by temperature or use HSB sliders to search a specific hue, but there are a set of presets for both night and daytime, which should be more than enough. For instance, you can set the screen to simulate a cloudy sky light or a deep blue clear sky during the day, while the night preset includes options to simulate candle light, moonlight and more.

Gradual color change from day to night

Changes in the screen color can be done gradually, so that your eyes can adjust as the night comes. By default, the transition phrase is set to 60 minutes, but you can tamper with this setting if you want the change to be instant.

In the attempt to help you perfectly match the screen lighting to the indoor illumination, SunsetScreen enables you to modify the desktop brightness and saturation levels, aside from its color. By dimming the blue light and the brightness, not only that your eyes will not get tired so quickly, but you ensure that you will have a restful sleep.

Automatic brightness and screen color adjustment

SunsetScreen can take the glare off your desktop to protect your eyes and increase the melatonin level in your body, allowing you to quickly adjust the screen brightness and hue.

It requires one-time configuration and then can be sent to the system tray, so that it doesn’t interfere with your work. If you need to perform color-sensitive actions, it can be turned off with just a click from the tray menu.

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