Nifty application that provides you with a very efficient and convenient way of searching for strings of text within any Windows directory.

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Stringscan Description

Relying on the default tools your computer’s OS packs for searching for a particular string of text is not exactly ideal, and you’ll inevitably end up being fairly disappointed.

Locate specific strings of text in mere seconds

However, it’s a good thing you can rely on specialized utilities that are well equipped to deal with these sort of requirements, one of which goes by the name of Stringscan.

In just a few words, Stringscan is a lightweight and efficient piece of software that allows you to select a directory on your computer’s hard drive and perform quick scans (search sessions) for specific terms or pieces of text.

Simplicity and efficiency, all wrapped together in a neat package

The application is fairly simple when it comes to almost all aspects, including its installation process that does not require any type of special attention on your part. With only a basic top toolbar, two search panels, and two preview section, simplistic is clearly the word that best describes the app’s interface.

With such a straightforward layout, you can surely imagine that working with the app is basically a walk in the park. To get started, simply choose the directory in which you want to locate a particular string of text, add the search term, and that’s basically about it.

On the left side of the main window, you are presented with all the files containing the specific term while the right side is the place where you can preview the files and the highlighted terms, pretty convenient and not at all complicated.

Proper tool for locating particular strings of text

Taking everything into account, it may be simple, and it may not look the part, but Stringscan is an excellent application that is definitely worth your while if you constantly have to search for text and the default tools of your computer’s OS don’t offer you the demanded assistance for getting the job done.

The app is not only very user-friendly,  but it’s also relatively light both on storage and system resource consumption, and it comes equipped with a somewhat useful documentation section.

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