Stock Portfolio Organizer

Comprehensive portfolio manager for both investors and traders, designed to help you analyze your investments and handle your finances.

  • Stock Portfolio Organizer
  • Version :1.2.6401.34256 Beta
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Paul Rudiger

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Stock Portfolio Organizer Description

When it comes to investing or trading on the stock market, any kind of help is more than appreciated, and a specialized application can make a huge difference.

Stock Portfolio Organizer is a program designed for investors traders and self-managed funds, and it offers a pretty impressive set of features. It can help you manage trades, keep track of new developments and analyze your investments.

Versatile application that can help you manage your finances

With Stock Portfolio Organizer, keeping a close eye on your investments becomes a lot simper. The application also allows you to manage trades in any currency, and it comes equipped with a handy currency converter.

You can download tick, real-time and EOD data from a variety of sources, thus making it easier to keep an eye on market changes and chart historical performance.

Since dividends and trust distributions are associated with trades, you can easily handle tax deferred income and compute your return on investment.

Intuitive user interface that does look rather outdated

When it comes to the application’s UI, there are both good and bad things to mention. The smart layout is certainly worth appreciating, as even novices should find it easy to find what they are looking for.

However, the interface is certainly starting to show its age, which is why a visual upgrade should be a priority for future releases.

Complex program that comes with adequate documentation

Naturally, some specialized knowledge is required in order to create brokerage formulas and enter all trade data correctly, but the included user manual offers detailed explanations, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for new users to get the hang of things.

Overall, Stock Portfolio Organizer is a feature-packed piece of software that can prove invaluable for investors and traders. It could do with a modernized UI, but it is a powerful app that also offers extensive documentation.

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