Stock It Easy

An inventory management application specially designed for multiple warehouses in order to organize and track various items with ease.

  • Stock It Easy
  • Version :7.21.03
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :StockItEasy

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Stock It Easy Description

Stock It Easy is an advanced, yet easy to use inventory management application that enables you to keep track of customers, suppliers and multiple warehouse storages. Its simple approach makes it easy for you to organize orders and generate comprehensive and intelligible sale reports.

Manage customers, suppliers, orders and inventory items

You can start by creating a database from scratch, but it is recommended that you try out the sample database forst, just to get acquainted with the application.

Its main window provides one-click access to all the sections, be it inventory items, customers, warehouses, suppliers, orders, transfers, movements and so on.

Inventory entries are displayed in an organized table, where you can filter and sort data as you consider fit, by various criteria, such as the supplier, the ID, the reference number and so on.

Create a customer database and manage inventory transfers

Stock It Easy makes it possible for you to manage all your customers and suppliers much easier, providing options for storing their contact information (address, phone numbers, e-mails, payment terms). You can create new orders to send to your suppliers, manage the warehouse stock, generate customer orders, estimations and more.

The application can manage inventory transfers, which comes in handy for tracking materials and items in case you own multiple storage facilities. Data can be easily exported to various formats, such as PDF, XLS or XML.

It supports multiple users having different access rights, so managers can also let their employees deal with common tasks, while blocking the attempts to modify settings. To be on the safe side of things, you can create a backup of the entire database, so as to avoid data loss.

Improve the productivity of your business

Stock It Easy is a handy utility for businesses of all kinds, requiring no previous computer knowledge in order to be used.

Its array of functions is designed to ease the daily management process and facilitate frequent operations. Its purpose is to help you improve productivity and reduce delivery time intervals, which will surely be appreciated by all customers.

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