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Create, personalize and organize sticky notes by using this lightweight application that comes with a handy interface and several customization options.

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Sticky Notes Pro Store App Description

If you already have plenty of events scheduled in your agenda, you probably consider replacing it. While you can continue relying on the traditional method, it is also possible to replace it with a modern solution: specialized software.

You can rely on Sticky Notes Pro Store App, an application that was designed to help you create virtual sticky notes, so you do not need to rely on pen and paper again.

This utility is a Windows Store item, therefore it can only be installed through the aforementioned application.

Simple sticky note tool

This application comes with a simple design that allows you to create sticky notes and place them directly on the application’s window. Unfortunately, the stickies are highly dependent on the program, therefore it is impossible to display them directly on your desktop, or on any other place other than this utility’s window.

You can make use of various shortcut features, such as creating a sticky by double-clicking empty space or modifying look-related settings by double-clicking the headers. Customization options include changing colors, fonts, font styles and sizes.

Limited functionality

However, since Sticky Notes Pro Store App is designed as a tablet application, some of the aforementioned functions do not work on Windows 10, unless you switch the application to full-screen view.

For instance, fast creation of stickies by double-clicking is not possible, the notes’ position is fixed, so they cannot be freely moved across the screen and background images overlap each other when scrolling through them. In addition, items cannot be resized.

Various background images

Furthermore, it is possible to change the background images by either selecting them from an existing list or loading your own photos from your computer.

In conclusion, Sticky Notes Pro Store App can help you create virtual sticky notes in an easy, convenient manner. However, you should be aware that you can only create them inside the application and you cannot access many functions on Windows 10 unless you switch to a full-screen view.

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