Stepok Picture Enlarger

Enlarge your favorite pictures with this intuitive and flexible application that allows you to crop parts of the source document.

  • Stepok Picture Enlarger
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  • Publisher:Stepok Image Lab.

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Stepok Picture Enlarger Description

Stepok Picture Enlarger is a quick and easy solution for magnifying images. The resource can load pictures in most common formats (e.g. GIF, TIF, PNG or BMP), but also RAW documents.

A good tool for anyone in need of an image magnifier

Users interested in photography will find this resource very handy. Anyone with large photo libraries will also appreciate the streamlined user-experience that the program offers. Its image-enlarging abilities can be put to good use when small details have to be highlighted, which might make it a good tool in schools and other similar learning institutions.

The resource comes with a simple and very intuitive GUI. All disk folders and their contents will be displayed in the two frames found in the main window. The overall theme is very professional-looking, but also useful since black really makes other colors stand out.

Multiple predefined magnification factors are available

Loading source files is performed by navigating to the corresponding directory in the tree view in the left panel of the main window. This is akin to the Windows Explorer navigation, which means newcomers will have no problems in loading images.

Once a source picture has been selected, the editor will appear. A nice feature is that multiple such windows can be opened simultaneously, which means users can perform batch file operations. Whether working on a single or multiple documents, users have the option to magnify or contract the image in predefined steps (e.g. 1/4, 1/2, 2.5x or 8x).

Can export to most common formats

Users also have the option of customizing the zoom factor (by inserting their own values for width or height, in pixels). Before exporting the new file to various supported formats (including JPG, BMP, GIF or TIF), users have the option to apply crop and sharpen effects.

Summing up, Stepok Picture Enlarger is a quick, albeit somewhat expensive, solution for magnifying images.

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