Launch any Windows application without its default borders by relying on this minimalist and ultra-lightweight utility that works with the help of the Command Prompt.

  • StartBorderless
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tobias Salzmann

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StartBorderless Description

If you are playing oldschool games on modern and high-resolution displays, then you are probably choosing to play them in windowed mode, to minimize the pixelation effects as much as possible.

Therefore, you might find the presence of the default windows borders a bit distracting. Here is where StartBorderless comes into its own and lends a helping hand by enabling you to remove the borders from any windows application.

Use StartBorderless with the help of the Command Prompt

The first thing you should know is that the utility does not offer a user interface per se (just a small instructions window) and nor does it require installation. Instead, it requires the usage of the Command Prompt.

But before you get all intimidated, you should know that it is actually not that hard to work with StartBorderless and the Command Prompt together for the ultimate goal of removing borders.

Simply copy the application on your computer’s desktop, open a desktop instance from an Explorer window, hold down the Shift key, open the contextual menu and choose “Open command window here” option.

Start any Windows app without borders

Type the name of the utility and its extension, press Space once and then enter the name of the app you want to start borderless and its affiliated extension. For example, by entering “StartBorderless.exe notepad.exe”, you will launch Notepad in ‘borderless mode’.

In addition, you can also add a delay before the utility removes the borders, as well as change the position for the borderless app. Here is another example: “StartBorderless.exe D=2000 X=0 Y=0 notepad.exe”, where D is the Delay and X and Y represent the axis for horizontal and vertical movements.

Some apps just look better without borders

All in all, StartBorderless is an ultra-minimalist utility that requires the usage of the Command Prompt in order to help you launch any Windows app without borders.

Sure, the utility is far from being considered impressive and even more certain is the fact that its usefulness is somewhat limited, but you might be surprised how cool some apps can look without borders. The only thing this utility needs to be more appealing is a proper user interface.

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