Start Menu 10

Change the appearance of your Start menu with this application that allows you to customize the hotkeys employed and the items displayed.

  • Start Menu 10
  • Version :6.00
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OrdinarySoft

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Start Menu 10 Description

As with most other installments, Windows 10 has to strike a delicate balance between maintaining the good, time-proven features of the OS suite while introducing novel and powerful options for modern uses. Since results may not please all users, developers have created a wide variety of lightweight tools to customize one’s experience with the up and coming operating system. Start Menu 10 is one such attempt that allows users to significantly enhance the functionality and design of the new OS.

Enhance the Start menu functionality

The program can be broken down into two components: a “Start Menu 10” tool and a “Group Manager” module. The former can be employed to replace the new system menu with a hybrid version combining many features from the Windows 7 menu, while the latter module can organize programs into virtual groups.

The adjusted Start menu bears a striking resemblance to ones from previous versions of Windows and the tool also provides enhanced functionality by allowing for one-click program launches. In essence, this function replaces the normal folder-layout by allowing one to launch the respective app with just one click. If, however, one wants to browse the actual directory, simply hovering above the item will display the corresponding submenus.

Organize folders with virtual groups

The other notable feature is the ability to create virtual groups. These are, in essence, customized folder shortcuts, streamlined for an improved experience. Other than these two main innovations, the utility allows one to define smart lists made up of popular applications, as well as customized quick links to various user-defined programs.

If, however, one is not satisfied with the results, reverting changes can be performed by simply removing the tool from the list of applications starting automatically with Windows. This is a great feature, as it means the utility does not leave a permanent mark on the target OS features.

On the whole, an adequate solution for performing basic design and functionality enhancements to the Start menu

Summing up, Start Menu 10 is a good tool for anyone who wants to customize the Windows experience. It is especially valuable for users of the 10 OS installment, as it can effectively roll back and enhance the Start menu.

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