Create post-its or memos, plan daily/monthly tasks and set up alarms with either on-screen or email notifications to help you remember any events.

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StarReminder Description

StarReminder enables you to organize your schedule in an efficient manner, displaying tasks, meetings and important events within a simple calendar. It can be used to get reminders about birthdays and other similar events, manage pending tasks and create alarms.

Use a calendar to organize your schedule

The interface of StarReminder is mostly occupied by the main calendar, which includes events for each day of the month. With just a click, you can view a list of all the tasks associated with the current date and filter the entries by status (completed or suspended).

Adding a new task to the list is easy and only requires you to assign it a name and configure the scheduling options. All entries can be associated a custom note to include additional explanations or descriptions.

Get notified about all tasks

Alerts can be set for each event, while the repeat function can be used for setting periodical tasks. The application features both on-screen and sound notifications, but it can also alert you about an event via e-mail.

Furthermore, it can be configured to run a program, shutdown, restart or log off the current user when a task’s deadline is reached.

Aside from task scheduling, StarReminder can also place post-its on your desktop, using them as visual reminders when the application is minimized.

An easy to configure event reminder

An application such as StarReminder makes it impossible for you to forget about significant events or upcoming tasks. Whether it is a project deadline, a birthday or an anniversary, this application can easily remind you about it.

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