StarCode Network Plus

Manage the inventory, invoices, vendors, clients, sales, and purchase orders of your business using this comprehensive application.

  • StarCode Network Plus
  • Version : 28.0.3
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :InveGix

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StarCode Network Plus Description

StarCode Pro is a reliable program that enables you to manage a multi-terminal point of sale, as well as to monitor the flow of merchandise coming in and out of your inventory. The software allows you to work with a comprehensive database and to easily process purchase orders, create invoices or receipts.

Powerful point of sale software

With an intuitive interface and easy to handle controls, StarCode Pro is a very convenient tool for managing inventories and point of sale terminals. The software works with a comprehensive database, which allows you to monitor stocks, place orders and check merchandise in or out. It requires a MySQL server to be installed and configured, since it needs to connect to a specific database.

One of the main features of StarCode Pro is that it allows you to assign barcodes to each product in your inventory, for a quicker order processing. The application is suitable for monitoring several point of sale terminals in multiple sites and allows you to create many users with different access permissions.

Multi-functional tool for business management

StarCode Pro is suitable for product and inventory management, as well as for processing purchase or sales order. The software can generate both inventory reports regarding product stocks and sales sheets, indicating the situation for 7 days, 1 month or a predetermined period of time.

The software also allows you to manage the accounting section of your business, as well as to customize the information displayed on reports, invoices or receipts. You may backup the database at any time, using the dedicated function. Moreover, you may remotely control the application, since it operates with a central database server.

One application, multiple point of sale terminals

StarCode Pro is a reliable application that enables you to easily manage several aspects of your business, as well as to monitor a series of POS terminals on multiple sites. The software is intuitive and features a friendly interface, with quick access to all its functions. Moreover, you can quickly process orders or identify products by their barcodes.

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