Transfer one or more playlists across multiple media and music streaming services with the help of this user friendly and useful app.

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STAMP Description

If not so long ago we all used to have tunes on our ever so small portable devices or mobile phones, nowadays most of us rely on media and music streaming services to get our daily fix of music on the go.

Of course, our favorite songs find their way into one or more playlists on one or multiple music streaming services. This said, moving playlists from one service to another can prove to be not as easy as one might think.

Fortunately, you can turn to a lightweight and easy-to-use application called STAMP to move entire playlists across various services without any kind of hassle.

Log in and move playlists across multiple streaming services in seconds

The first thing you need to know about this utility is the fact that it enables you to move playlists across the following services: Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Apple Music, rdio and Deezer.

Evidently, in order to transfer your favorite playlists across multiple services requires that you log in using valid credentials for all of them and authorize the app.

Please note that you can also quickly import CSV playlist files by dragging and dropping them onto the main window of STAMP.

Straightforward and novice-accessible workflow

The transfer process is very straightforward: select the service and pick one or multiple playlists from their source locations and then choose the destination service.

Depending on the number of tracks, you will have to wait more or less until the transfer process is completed. You can monitor the transfer process as the app displays the total number of transferred tracks and playlists.

Also noteworthy is the fact that you can pause this process without worries, since STAMP remembers the last transfer session’s settings. This is especially useful when moving either vast number of playlists or a playlist that contains hundreds of tracks.

Intuitive, efficient and useful tool for transferring playlists

To conclude, STAMP proposes a straightforward hassle-free and intuitive method of transferring playlists across multiple online services, as well as for importing playlists from CSV files.

You just need to provide the app with valid credentials for the services at hand and have a bit of patience while the transfer process takes place.

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