A straightforward and efficient software application designed to serve as a testing automation, cross-platform and multi-language framework.

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STAF Description

STAF works as a cross-platform framework that can help you automate several reusable processes and services.

It was designed around the idea of reusable components, called services. STAF removes the tedium of building an automation infrastructure, thus enabling you to focus on building your automation solution.

The STAF framework provides the foundation upon which to build higher level solutions, and provides a pluggable approach supported across a large variety of platforms and languages.

STAF can be leveraged to help solve common industry problems, such as more frequent product cycles, less preparation time, reduced testing time, more platform choices, more programming language choices, and increased National Language requirements.

The framework can help in these areas since it is a proven and mature technology, promotes automation and reuse, has broad platform and language support, and provides a common infrastructure across teams.

System requirements

  • Java

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