ST Thumbnails Explorer

View all the thumbnails found on your PC using a simple and straightforward piece of software that also provides file rating and managing.

  • ST Thumbnails Explorer
  • Version :1.2 Build 3400 / 1.5 Build 6800 Beta 6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Softfields Technologies

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ST Thumbnails Explorer Description

ST Thumbnails Explorer is a tool aimed to offer you a complete solution for thumbnail viewing and file managing. It allows you to view the associated thumbnails for all popular files as well as for some less used ones.

Browse all thumbnails on your computer in a simple manner

ST Thumbnails Explorer displays a user-friendly interface that doesn’t stray much from any other classic file manager and viewer.

The main window is separated into four sections, one that provides a tree view of all the folders you have on your computer, a second in which you can browse the actual thumbnails. A third comes as a toolbar and grants quick and unobstructed access to all of ST Thumbnails Explorer’s main functions and features, and finally, the fourth allows you to view details about a selected file.

Complete filtering and sorting functions

Since some of your folders can be in a bit of a mess, full with all kinds of file types, ST Thumbnails Explorer allows you to sort them as ascending or descending according to the file’s name, type, size, date and attributes.

This allows you to easily separate file types making it all that much easier to select groups and move them to a different folder on your computer. After all, ST Thumbnails Explorer is also a file manager.

Moreover, to help you out when organizing files, the application makes it possible for you to rate them from bad to excellent, as well as assign color labels.

Thumbnail support for a large number of file types

ST Thumbnails Explorer is designed to recognize the thumbnails for a very large number of files. It can display those specific to formats that are native to applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, PhotoPaint, Microsoft Office, Xara and many others.

View thumbnails and organize files efficiently

To sum things up, ST Thumbnails Explorer is a more than decent solution if you’re looking for a straightforward and practical thumbnail browser.

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