An operating system utility that scans and lists the service indexes, addresses, names and modules of the System Service Descriptor Table.

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SSDT View Description

NoVirusThanks SSDT View is a software utility that scans the System Service Descriptor Table in order to discover hooked tables from the operating system.

A simple to install application

The installation process requires minimal effort from users. The application works with all Microsoft Windows operating systems and leaves a small footprint.

The interface is clean, allowing results to be displayed in an organized fashion. Services are indexed and users can preview corresponding names, addresses and the locations of modules. Any hooked services are displayed with an orange color to quickly discover any problematic items.

Easily open the containing folder of the hooked service

Users can right-click on any service and copy adjacent information to clipboard. Furthermore, the containing folder can be opened with a simple click. The file properties can be opened in a similar fashion.

Unfortunately, the application has its limits. Users must access other programs in order to repair any broken or hooked Kernel modules.

Export results to a TXT file

SSDT View enables users to export the information to a log file. The TXT file contains all the details comprised by the software. It also lists the Windows edition, whether it is 32 or a 64-bit, its version and build. However, the file cannot be previewed or printed from the application.

In sum, the application can prove useful for professionals who require an overview of all services. It has little impact on the computer’s performance and offers accurate information at no cost.

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