Export SQLite LOB (BLOB, CLOB) data to another database after selecting the preferred tables and fields and excluding the rest, thanks to this app.

  • SqliteLobEditor
  • Version:1.7 Release 1 Build 170404
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Withdata Software

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SqliteLobEditor Description

SqliteLobEditor is an application that enables you to access and edit unstructured data types that commonly store significant amounts of information and hence, might be difficult to handle.

Enables you to view and edit data from multiple sources

First off, you should know that the application requires you have an SQLite database on your computer. Moreover, you can specify the location of the database and your credentials if you protect your data with a username and password.

In spite of the fact that it is not very appealing, the interface is well-structured, clean and should not give you any troubles. The main window is comprised of several panels, namely a summary section, view pane and the regions where you can edit LOB data in hexadecimal mode.

You will be happy to learn that the program supports numerous data formats, including but not limited to plain text, RTF, images, PDF, HTML, XML and Hex.

Allows you to handle LOB data with an external tool

The strong point of the utility comes from the way it handles the large objects that are stored in the database. To put it simply, if the database includes content that needs to be accessed with an external viewer, then the app prompts you to the Hex view page first. Afterwards, you can switch to the external tool and define the programs that should be executed.

In the eventuality that you want to open other types of files, then you can add the new extension along with the name and path of the software solution it can be opened with from the Hex editor window. Once you hit the Open button, the utility creates a temporary file with the contents and the desired extension.

A handy tool for managing LOB datatypes

All in all, if you are commonly working with large SQL databases and you would like to move the data to a new BLOB, CLOB or NCLOB datatypes while preserving the integrity of the files, then perhaps SqliteLobEditor could lend you a hand.

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