Detect suspicious processes that might be monitoring your actions or recording your keystrokes, all by using this reliable software utility.

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SpyDetectFree Description

There are many employers who rely on keyloggers or monitoring software to keep track of their personnel’s activity, rather than install transparent performance monitors. The same can happen at home when trust is an issue between those sharing the same computer.

SpyDetectFree can help you find out if this is also your case as this application can scan your PC and reveal the results within seconds.

A portable app for detecting keyloggers

It should be mentioned right from the get-go that you do not need to waste any time installing this utility on your PC as it is a portable one. This means that you can carry it on your removable flash drive, and then run it whenever you start working on a new computer.

Due to this tool, you can quickly detect if your keystrokes are recorded by any third-party app since it thoroughly examines all the processes currently running on your PC. Once the scan is completed, the result is displayed within the main window.

One mouse click to detect monitoring processes

The interface is straightforward and user-friendly so that even those with little computer skills can enjoy its functions. You only need to press the dedicated button to start analyzing your PC and look for keyloggers or spyware processes.

To complete the scanning as soon as possible, you need to make sure that the window of SpyDetectFree is active and in the foreground. Otherwise, its timer gets paused whenever you minimize it.

Review running processes on your PC

Even if this tool does not detect any suspicious monitoring activity on your computer, you can still analyze the current processes by accessing the specialized window. You can review details such as the process name, description, version, digital signature and full file path.

All in all, SpyDetectFree can come in handy to all those who want to check whether there are any keyloggers or other monitoring apps on their computer.

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