A complex Microsoft Excel add-in that aims to save you time and effort by providing you with numerous tools to perform your tasks more quickly.

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Spreadspeed Description

Spreadspeed is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software functioning as an add-in for MS Excel, its main purposes being to help you execute your assignments more easily with the help of the numerous tools it provides you with.

Ribbon-integrated add-in

Subsequent to the installation process, the application integrates into the ribbon of the MS Office component, enabling you to access it from a tab entitled Spreadspeed.

The tab comprises an extensive number of buttons and menus, allowing you to easily work with the functions and features that it has to offer, for instance adding formulas or objects to your list of favorites, changing letter cases, adding suffixes and prefixes, modifying the date format, and many others.

Simplify your Excel tasks with a handy set of tools

Spreadspeed features an ‘Xplorer’ that assists you in locating a particular sheet in a workbook, useful when handling files that comprise too many sub-tables. It enables you to list all the components of a workbook and lets you jump to the one you want right away.

Moreover, the add-in comes with a ‘Formulas and Favorites Managers’, where you can add the information you use most frequently and resort to it when in need. The entries can be structured, so you can avoid clutter.

The ‘Workbook Utilities’ featured by Spreadspeed help you manipulate tables and tabs, remove empty worksheets, as well as protect your XLS files’ contents by locking them. Using the ‘Worksheet Utilities’, you can manage and adjust rows and columns.

Other tools help you split, merge, extract or remove rows and tables, modify cell styles and remove their formatting, while also being able to perform a variety of text and numeric operations more easily. Spreadspeed even includes an auditing component that can detect errors and prevent you from making mistakes.

A feature-rich Excel plugin for you to rely on

To conclude, Spreadspeed is a highly advanced and efficient Excel add-in which can significantly reduce the level of effort entailed by using the MS Office component, providing professionals with an extensive set of tools to conduct your work.

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