Spiceworks Desktop

Manage your software and hardware components, as well as patches on your network with the help of this advanced, web-based application.

  • Spiceworks Desktop
  • Version :7.5.00101
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spiceworks

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Spiceworks Desktop Description

Spiceworks Desktop is an efficient and user-friendly software solution which functions via a web browser, enabling you to manage your IT-related tasks and assignments, ranging from running network inventories, creating a help desk, generating reports and troubleshooting potential problems.

Installation notice

While the installation operation itself runs quite smoothly and uneventfully, keep in mind that you will be asked to decide which port to use for Spiceworks Desktop. The default value is ‘80’, but you have the option of changing it to something that better suits your needs.

Because the application runs via a web browser, you will need to have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox installed on your system for it to be able to function. Additionally, you need to create an account that you will use to login to Spiceworks Desktop, thus protecting it against outside individuals and preventing their access.

Create inventories or run a help desk

Spiceworks Desktop can be used for different purposes, namely ‘Inventory’ and ‘Help Desk’, as well as other related activities, both of which can be set up with a minimal level of user input, so as to simplify your work.

The ‘Inventory’ function can be configured by scanning your network within a previously specified IP-range and determine the connected devices, then populate your database with their corresponding information, thus saving you valuable time in the process. This can also be done for mobile devices, but it is considerably more lengthy.

The ‘Help Desk’ component is more complex, as you need to consider the way in which people will be able to send tickets, or requests. For this you have three distinct options: you can create the tickets yourself by clicking on the corresponding icon in the toolbar from the lower part of the screen. Similarly, you have the possibility of configuring a user portal or you can have users email their tickets to Spiceworks Desktop, keeping you updated about their status through email alerts.

Handy network managing tool

To summarize, Spiceworks Desktop is an intuitive and reliable program whose main purpose is to assist you in running a wide range of management and organizing activities for your network, all from a single interface.

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