Spherical Panorama 360 Video Viewer

Play 360-degree spherical or cylindrical videos, control them with your mouse cursor easily and apply various visual effects, with this specialized utility.

  • Spherical Panorama 360 Video Viewer
  • Version :Build 050.01
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spherical Panorama Inc

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Spherical Panorama 360 Video Viewer Description

Amongst other devices that keep up with technology, video recorders have reached the level where they are able to capture everything around them for a 360 view. In order to play such videos, special applications like Spherical Panorama 360 Video Viewer are required to fully enjoy the visual experience of a panoramic movie.

Automate camera rotations for more comfort

When the application starts, it puts an example panorama image at your disposal in a separate window, so that you get a preview on functionality. Every button and function is kept in a compact interface not to take much space on your desktop.

You are able to move the camera around with the arrow keys or by using your mouse to drag the image around and never miss a thing. Moreover, provided navigation buttons give you the possibility to select an automated movement direction for the camera, as well the speed at which it does so.

Apply several effects and change the view

Hitting the “Options” button unveils several settings that can be changed. Don’t expect much, because you only gain access to window size, quality and effects that can enhance the visual experience.

Unfortunately, the menu mentioned above is the only way in which you can change the size of the display section, with no possibility to simply adjust it by stretching the edges of the window.

By default, the movie comes with no effects applied, but this can be changed to inverse, noise, fog and grayscale. Furthermore, the image can be either sharpened or softened from the application’s main window.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Spherical Panorama 360 Video Viewer is a straightforward utility you can play panoramic movies with. It supports some of the commonly used video file formats for a little more diversity. Overall, the main attraction remains the movie you want to watch.

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