Spherical Panorama 360 Still Photo Publisher

Unwrap still images captured by 360-degree cameras, perform corrections and export them to various formats, with this handy utility.

  • Spherical Panorama 360 Still Photo Publisher
  • Version :Build 002.01
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spherical Panorama Inc

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Spherical Panorama 360 Still Photo Publisher Description

As 360-degree cameras are growing more and more popular, users find themselves in need of software that can help them manage video and image content captured with these devices.

Spherical Panorama 360 Still Photo Publisher is a useful application that enables you to unwrap 360-degree stills recorded with several types of devices and create panoramic images.

Supports multiple lens types and input formats

The application allows you to import JPG, BMP, PNG or TIF files, and it supports a number of popular lens types, such as Pano-Pro, Eye-Mirror, Go-Pano and 3k-Pano. You can select the right one after loading the image to ensure it is displayed and processed correctly.

Once unwrapped, the output image can be exported to JPG or BMP, and it is possible to customize the compression level when saving the file.

Create panoramic photos in a few simple steps

After importing a 360-degree image, you can alter the cutting parameters to make sure the picture is not distorted. A real-time preview is displayed, and the current settings can be saved for future jobs.

Additionally, you can perform various corrections when exporting the picture, such as modifying its brightness and contrast, filtering noise and sharpening the image.

Moreover, Spherical Panorama 360 Still Photo Publisher enables you to insert a logo, and it comes with a specialized tool that can help you resize existing images to the required dimensions.

Features an outdated and not particularly intuitive UI

The application is quite easy to use once you get the hang of things, but it may prove to be somewhat confusing for first-time users. The included documentation is certainly helpful, but it is not very detailed.

Even though the UI layout is fairly straightforward, the program would benefit from a visual upgrade, as it looks very outdated at present.

In conclusion, Spherical Panorama 360 Still Photo Publisher is a useful software solution that can help you create panoramic images by unwrapping stills captured with 360-degree cameras. It offers a fair number of features, but it comes with an outdated UI.

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