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Open PDF, DjVu, ePub, Comic books and other types of files, as well as add annotations and bookmarks using this intuitive utility.

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SpdPDF Reader Description

Although Adobe Reader is preferred of many users interested in an application that can open PDF documents, other look for an alternative that’s kinder on system resources consumption, since Adobe is known to use a lot of memory.

SpdPDF Reader is a tool that aims to take its position in user preference when it comes to viewing PDF documents. In addition to this filetype, it supports Mobi (Kindle), ePub (Kindle Fire, Android, iOS), DjVu, CHM (HTML help), Comic books, FictionBook, XPS, and plain text documents (TXT).

Lighter alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader

After installation, the app gets automatically associated with the PDF filetype only, so you can open PDF docs in this program when double-clicking them in the file explorer. Associations with the other filetypes supported by the app are not affected.

Wrapped in a user-friendly interface with an intuitive layout, SpdPDF Reader gives you the possibility to keep multiple documents opened at the same time and easily navigate them in distinct tabs. You can add bookmarks and explore the table of contents to jump to a specific chapter of the book.

Multi-tabbed interface with bookmarks and tables of contents

What’s more, the application can switch to fullscreen or slideshow mode, both of which produce the same effect (take up the entire screen) but take a different approach: the slideshow mode has a dark background and shows one page (useful for getting a better view of graphical content) while the fullscreen mode has a light background and shows the pages in continuous view (an appropriate setting for reading).

Furthermore, you can zoom in and out of pages, find an exact word or phrase using a search function that shows results in real time (as you type), as well as view one or two pages of the book at once. It’s also possible to rotate pages from the options menu, disable scrolling, and remove the PDF filetype association with SpdPDF Reader.

A few faulty PDF annotation tools

There are also annotation options available in a section separate from the reader (click “Annot” on top of the window, next to “Reader”). Note that they only work properly for PDFs. You can add text anywhere on the pages, highlight text selections, underline text, as well as draw arrows, lines, rectangles and ellipses.

All aspects considered, SpdPDF Reader offers a simple solution for viewing PDF and other types of files. A bit more functionality-related work is required for the PDF annotation features. Otherwise, it’s intuitive and definitely feels lighter on resources usage.

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