SpatialVerb VST

A powerful reverb effect plugin that is capable of simulating a room’s early and late impulse response using ray tracing and a feedback delay network.

  • SpatialVerb VST
  • Version : 5.7.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ExperimentalScene

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SpatialVerb VST Description

SpatialVerb VST is a lightweight audio plugin that can be used with a third party host in order to deliver a customizable reverb effect. The plugin implements ray tracing to calculate sound wave paths and provides the best possible audio outcome.

User-friendly interface with simple controls

SpatialVerb VST is designed to be as straightforward as possible in both graphic interface design and actual use of the controls. It offers basic knobs that you can rotate to control parameters such as ‘WallAbsorb’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Cutoff’ and ‘Gain’, as well as sliders for room simulation.

The plugin also displays a series of graphs that you can use to interpret the way in which audio signal is processed, diminished or enhanced, after you make modifications to a parameter.

Real-time audio processing

The moment you make an adjustment from the main panel the resulting audio is immediately fed to your speakers so there isn’t a noticeable delay. Each ample or subtle modification is applied to the signal allowing you to fine-tune everything by ear or using specialized gear.

Shape sound according to a room

SpatialVerb VST comes with a feature that allows you to modify the sound according the shape of a room rather than its size. You are given a set of sliders with which you are able to modify the width and length of a room.

To make sound processing even more accurate, the plugin allows you to further manipulate audio by moving two virtual source speakers and two destination microphones around the representation of the room. As expected, each change you make to their position is instantly reflected through your speakers.

A powerful and practical reverb plugin

To sum things up, SpatialVerb VST is by all means a very handy plugin to have around when you want to apply both discrete and ‘destructive’ reverb effects to your audio signal.

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