Offers you an exact overview of the space that your files and folders take up on your hard drive, allowing you to decide which directories should be deleted.

  • SpaceSniffer
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Uderzo Umberto

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SpaceSniffer Description

SpaceSniffer is a handy and efficient application that delivers a comprehensive overview of your HDD space, allowing you to visualize the exact allocation of resources on your drives.

Although there’s no shortage of utilities intended for this purpose on the software market, SpaceSniffer manages to accommodate the user better with the HDD audit through various visual enhancements that appeal to one’s senses.

SpaceSniffer is a user-oriented application, which means it targets any type of user, regardless of their level of IT knowledge. The interface is intuitive, despite sporting a certain level of simplicity.

All of the functions are gathered in a quick toolbar, as well as a few menus that allow you to explore the benefits of the application seamlessly. It’s true that some of the buttons are a little inexpressive, but if you hover with the mouse over each of them, the application hints you on their usage.

At each startup, the application prompts you to select the drive(s) to be analyzed and as soon as you do, it starts identifying file allocation using size as the main criteria.

As such, it firstly detects the largest files and displays them in a treemap, enabling you to view which of them are taking the most space. Subfolders are also subject to the analysis, thus if you click a directory it will reveal the same overview, with the file arranged based on their size impact.

The level of details used in the overview can be adjusted so as to contain less or more information, although a higher level could mean an agglomerated treemap, but that’s entirely up to you.

We simply got carried away by its speed and the amount of information it can process in such a short time, making users completely aware of the disposal of data on their drives.

SpaceSniffer Video Guide

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