Space Radar

Quickly visualize how your computer’s drive space is allocated with the help of this streamlined and Electron-based piece of software.

  • Space Radar
  • Version :3.3.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Joshua Koo

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Space Radar Description

Even though its default system for file size measuring is quite accurate, Windows has never been equipped to provide graphical disk usage statistics.

Of course, this issue can be easily resolved by installing one of the dozens of available HDD utilities. But if you feel like you don’t need to make this step just to get a decent graphical disk usage chart, then you can give Space Radar a quick spin.

As you may have guessed based on its name, Space Radar is a simplistic, lightweight and cross-platform utility that is designed to provide you with a forthright presentation of how your computer’s HDD space is allocated.

Minimalist interface and straightforward workflow

You can start taking advantage of what the app has to offer right away, since it does not require any type of installation on your part. Just unzip the package and launch it in mere seconds via its executable file.

Upon first starting the app, you are greeted by a minimal screen that enables you to either pick any directory from your computer or to scan the root drive.

It is worth noting that you can drag and drop any folder onto the app’s main window to scan it. Unfortunately, we have not been able to make this feature work on multiple testing machines running Windows 10.

Fairly quick scanning process

As expected, the scanning process is directly proportional to the size and the number of files found within the scanned folder. After the scanning process, the app displays the file types and their allocated space with the help of a colorful pie chart.

In the middle of the chart, you can view the scanning process percentage and the total size of the specific folder. You can view the exact or the percentage of space each individual file or file type uses by hovering with the cursor over the pie chart.

Useful, no doubt, but a bit rough around the edges

To conclude, if you are looking for an application that only provides a graphical way to view HDD disk usage, then Space Radar might just be the right tool for you.

Before we end, we should point out that Space Radar is not without faults. During our tests, we have encountered a decent amount of bugs, the most common one being that sometimes the scanning process would not start (restarting the app is required).

While we are on the subject of bugs and things that could be improved, we would also like to point out that a button for stopping the scanning process would be fairly useful since upon clicking the Open Directory button while large folders were being scanned triggered app crashes on more than one occasion.

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