SP Video Publisher

Create interactive 360-degree videos, perform conversions, correct various parameters and more, with this powerful software solution.

  • SP Video Publisher
  • Version :4.0 Build 050.07
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Spherical Panorama Inc

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SP Video Publisher Description

Virtual reality headsets have finally become accessible to the general public, and this means that there is a growing market for immersive 360-degree videos that can be enjoyed with these devices.

SP Video Publisher is a software utility that can help you process video content recorded with single lens 360-degree cameras in order to prepare it for viewing.

Unwrap doughnut videos and create equirectangular clips

The application helps you create panoramic videos that can be viewed more easily on your computer or specialized devices by unwrapping clips recorded with single lens 360-degree cameras.

Once you have imported the file you wish to process, you can customize the position of the cuts and preview the output video to ensure there is no noticeable warping. These parameters can be saved and used for multiple successive jobs.

Comes equipped with several useful tools

SP Video Publisher supports a number of input formats, and it also allows you to convert videos to AVI. Additionally, it is possible to convert R3D videos to MOV.

Before exporting your clip, you have the option of altering the sharpness level, brightness and contrast, as well as reducing noise and flipping the video horizontally or vertically.

Moreover, a logo image can be applied to the processed clip, and a built-in tool allows you to convert existing pictures to the required format.

Outdated UI that needs to be redesigned

The included documentation should help first-time users get accustomed to the application quickly enough, even though it may be a bit confusing initially.

However, the user interface is certainly showing its age, and the main program window cannot be resized.

All in all, SP Video Publisher is a useful application that can help you create equirectangular panoramic videos using content captured with single lens devices. It offers a fair number of customization options, along with several helpful tools, but it is not very intuitive and features a very outdated UI.

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