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Review pull requests and code, as well as improve the PR search functions without leaving GitHub and without the help of an IDE by relying on this advanced Chrome extension.

  • Sourcegraph for GitHub
  • Version: 1.3.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Sourcegraph, Inc.

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Sourcegraph for GitHub Description

Reviewing pull request or hardcore sheets of new code on GitHub usually involves you having to figure out various identifiers, as well as possibly even doing some in-and-out documentation sessions.

We agree, the whole process is not exactly streamlined, nor is it efficient, in every sense of the word. Meet Sourcegraph for GitHub, an incredibly clever and well-designed Chrome extension that basically bestows upon GitHub skills worthy of modern-day IDEs or code editors.

Greatly speed up the process of reviewing GitHub pull request and code with the help of this Chrome-based developer tool

Once deployed (yes, it’s just as easy to install as any other extension from the Chrome Web Store), it instantly makes its presence known by integrating with both Chrome’s toolbar and GitHub’s UI.

More to the point, try viewing some code on any GitHub repo and hover the mouse over various functions, definitions, and classes, and you’ll quickly see a small portion of Sourcegraph’s super-powers delivered via the pop-up tooltips.

All the power you want from an IDE, smoothly integrated into GitHub

Click one any of the aforementioned symbols, and you are quickly “transported” to a more specialized, IDE-like environment. You are instantly provided with multi-repository regexp search, direct go-to definitions, symbol search, and even cross-repository references, alongside other nifty tools that help you understand the code without losing too much context. The fact that this modern interface also comes with a few themes is also something worthy of appreciation.

The extension should work without problems right out of the box on all public repos, but you should know that you are required to sign up for a new account on Sourcegraph’s official website to be able to use it with private repositories. It’s also worth keeping in mind that various features are only available for Go, TypeScript, and Java.

Viewing code, pull requests, and the differences between branches and commits is now easier than ever

With sublime integration when it comes to Chrome and GitHub alike, ingenious features which instantly provide relevant documentation and real code examples, it should really come as no surprise that this extension is one of the best tools for GitHub you can get your hands on.

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