An intuitive application that enables you to stream audio and video files over SSH and share multimedia content with other users.

  • SoSSH
  • Version :2.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Robert Mautz

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SoSSH Description

If you want to stream multimedia content from your computer without significant efforts, you might consider turning to third-party software solutions, as it can be the best course of action.

In the situation depicted above, SoSSH is one of the programs that can help you achieve quick, convenient results by providing you with relevant features.

SSH multimedia streamer

SoSSH is an application that was designed to help you stream multimedia content from an appropriate server via the SSH protocol. It can be used to connect to a server and generate custom playlists, providing you with an efficient way of organizing your content.

It also offers you simple playback controls, so that you can enjoy your multimedia files with ease. Thus, you can play, pause or stop it, but also adjust the volume, jump to the next or previous item and drag the progress bar to the position you want.

Easy setup

Installing this application on your computer can be accomplished without significant efforts, as you are not required to perform any additional nor complicated configuration.

The only necessary steps are launching the installer and follow the on-screen instructions provided by it, as the rest of the process takes place automatically, without requiring further assistance. It is worth mentioning that you need to install Java Runtime Environment on the target machine for the application to function properly.

Settings profile manager

Aside from its streaming capabilities, this application also provides you with a few additional features that can help you simplify your work even further.

After adjusting the settings profile so that it fits your needs, you can export the created profile to your computer for safe-keeping, in case you want to import it later. Doing so can be accomplished by choosing the corresponding options from the Edit menu.

Lightweight SSH multimedia streamer

To wrap it up, SoSSH is a lightweight application that enables you to stream multimedia content via the SSH protocol. It is installed easily on the target computer, requires Java to function properly and lets you export and import settings profiles.

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