Sony Mobile Flasher

A powerful software solution that enables those who own Xperia smartphones to flash or root them, as well as install custom kernels.

  • Sony Mobile Flasher
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bin4ry & Androxyde

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Sony Mobile Flasher Description

Sony Mobile Flasher is a handy software application that can be used by owners of Xperia smartphones for flashing or rooting the devices in order to gain full control over its features.

In addition to this, the program also provides the option of installing custom ROMs, rebranding the phone and customizing the device to a high degree.

Prior to using the software, keep in mind that operations such as flashing and rooting might brick a device, as well as void its warranty. Software like Sony Mobile Flasher should be used with great care and a backup of the data located on the device is mandatory for disaster scenarios.

Also, a certain degree of knowledge related to the concepts of flashing / rooting is required, therefore inexperienced users are not advised to use such third-party applications unless under supervision.

Sony Mobile Flasher is relatively new to the market, but has gained a considerably large crowd of fans because it had a high rate of success since the beginning. It supports models of Sony Xperia from X10 to Z Ultra and is built on top of Java, this being the only requirement for a proper runtime.

Provided that you connected the phone to the computer, the detection process of the model is automatic. There are two boot modes that you can choose from: the first one allows you to flash the device using firmware located in the installation folder of the program or a custom one, chosen by you.

The second method comprises a slightly richer array of tools, most of which use a Flash image (in SIN, IMG, EXT4 and YAFFS2 format) located on your HDD, which you are required to provide. Other highlights include a SIN editor, a SEUS decryptor, as well as a utility that allows you to create a new flash bundle.

Sony Mobile Flasher does seem like a professional application, but must be managed with the utmost care, much like any other flashing application. There are no guarantees insofar as the safety of the phone is concerned.

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