Sony Mobile Emma

A phone flashing utility for Xperia devices that enables you to unlock the handset and get full access to all the options and explore its capabilities.

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Sony Mobile Emma Description

Sony Mobile Emma is a flash tool designed to facilitate the firmware installation on Xperia mobile phones. The program is designed to flash the device with standard Sony software when you want to restore the original operating system.

Almost all smartphones can be customized by installing custom ROMs and replacing the original software. Although the operation requires an unlocked bootloader which usually voids the phone warranty, there are a lot of users who prefer to take that chance for better performance or a modded interface.

If you have unlocked your phone and tried several ROMs without getting the desired results you might consider reinstalling the original software. However, this operation can be more difficult since original ROMs are harder to come by.

This program aims to help you by providing you the suitable package for your phone with minimum effort. All you need to do is to connect your phone to the computer in flash mode by using the USB cable.

If the phone is on the supported device list, the application automatically detects the model and prepares the necessary files. In order to install the standard software, you just need to select one of the available versions and the app takes care of the rest.

The interface is simple and provides detailed information about the current firmware and the bootloader. Even if you have not used a flash tool before, the included documentation and online resources can provide all the necessary instructions.

Overall, Sony Mobile Emma is a useful application for reverting the customizations made to your Xperia phone. Unfortunately, restoring the software does not bring back the warranty voided when you have unlocked the bootloader.

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