Play a wide range of audio files from your computer or edit MIDI files with the help of his easy to use and intuitive software solution.

  • SongAudition
  • Version : 8.3.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BelaDaddy Software

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SongAudition Description

SongAudition is an easy to use solution designed to provide users with an easy, simple way of playing and recording audio, MIDI and karaoke files.

A simple karaoke and MIDI player

Setting up the application is easy. Installing it takes very little time, however, the fist time SongAudition is run, users are prompted to check if the audio and MIDI settings of the application are correct.

The main window of SongAudition features a virtual MIDI keyboard, a number buttons which enable users to quickly select which instrument to use, balance, pitch and modulation sliders, as well as controls for the application’s sound recorder, 10-band equalizer and audio player features.

These controls are easy to use, however the icons used are not quite self-explanatory and they do not have text labels. What’s more, the entire user-interface looks a bit outdated and makes use of a yellow, gray and red color scheme which is not particularly attractive, or elegant.

As mentioned before, the program can be used to edit KAR files. Once such a file is open, users can select which tracks to mute and edit the lyrics, as well as the speed and pitch of the song. The application’s built-in text editor can be used to modify or edit both the content of the lyrics and the color, font and size of the text.


Though this application can provide a simple software solution that can play and record MIDI, sound and KAR files, its unaesthetic interface and basic functionality might be unappealing to some users.

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