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A handy and reliable instrument that’s been specially designed to help you perform various management tasks with SolidWorks files.

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SolidWorks Explorer Description

SolidWorks is a well known name in the CAD community as it provides a number of professional grade software solutions for 2D and 3D design, as well as the means to perform project simulations.

With that in mind it’s easy to see that you, as a SolidWorks product user, have to deal with multiple format types and since in the CAD world you never have just one file per project, they can add up to numbers which can prove tricky to manage.

SolidWorks Explorer is an application designed with the sole purpose of helping you browse and search for SolidWorks files that are located on your hard drive, external storage device or local network.

A comprehensive interface which ensure ease of use

Since you are able to use a SolidWorks CAD application for your designs, it’s safe to say that SolidWorks Explorer won’t pose much of a problem when it comes to it.

In all fairness, it’s a pretty basic tool in terms of design and functionality. The main window is comprised from multiple sections for file exploring, searching and previewing. Folders that contain SolidWorks files can be located using a tree explorer and once you select one, its content is displayed in an adjacent section.

Easily preview the content of a SolidWorks file

SolidWorks Explorer offers you a very practical method for browsing through files, using a flip book approach. This way, with a folder selected, all you have to do is scroll up or down in order to flip through the projects.

While doing so, the application displays a preview of the project, in the same manner you can see the thumbnail of a photo.

A handy and efficient solution for SolidWorks file browsing

On a closing note, SolidWorks Explorer has all the characteristics of a useful application. So, whenever you want to easily manage your SolidWorks files or locate a specific one, you can definitely try this solution.

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